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Healing, Confidence, and Growth

Facility Dog Program

One Size Does Not Fit All

Healing Pause's facility dog program is quickly gaining attention with our personalized behavior based dog training, thorough health, structure, and behavior checks for each program dog candidate, staff and facility training, and much more.  This is truly a turn key program tailored for your specific facility and includes training for dog and staff, documentation, marketing advice, and help from step one to done.


Facility Dog Presentations

Raising Awareness

With this initiative, our goal is to promote how facility dogs can help your specific situation and guide you in the early decision making stages.  We are happy to conference call your group to discuss what a therapy dog can do to help your organization for no charge.  Additionally, we are able to come to your location in person to meet and greet your team if preferred for a nominal donation to cover our expenses.


Event, Public Relations, and Media Requests

Spreading The Love

Healing Pause's human and canine teams love to attend events, media blitzes, and other fun activities to provide interactions with our program. This is an excellent way to raise awareness for what dogs can do to help people and reach a large group of people that normally would not have access to the dogs.  If you would like to have us on your podcast, news program, or other similar promotional event, contact us and we're happy to chat about options.

Programs: What We Do
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