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Partner with Us

Thank you for your interest in providing services and/or goods for our programs!  Every little bit helps and we are excited about the possibilities of a partnership with prospective sponsors.

Sponsor opportunities are available in several formats:

Organizational level helps with the administration and group needs of the nonprofit.  These sponsors can include media, graphics, administrative, promotional, planning, and similar forms of aid.

Local facility dog sponsors are local to where an existing or planned dog will be or are already helping in a facility. Each facility dog needs a grooming, supply, and veterinary sponsor at a minimum and they need to be within a close proximity or mobile to the main facility or handler's location.

Training sponsors can aid in supporting the dogs in training at our facility partner either by donating funds to be utilized in the care and training, providing sponsorship for training gear, travel needs for dogs and trainers, and veterinary expenses.

Sponsor: Get Involved
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