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Dogs and People - A Proven Prescription for Healing

In 2016, the idea of Healing Pause began as dream of Nathan's, a notion, a longing to give back for the blessings he had received after many years of providing service to others in other capacities.  In 2017, a moment to plant the first seed was before Nathan and thus Healing Pause was born. 

"Growing up our family had purpose bred dogs; they possess the intrinsic qualities to be therapy dogs; sound temperament, intelligence, focus, train-ability and big hearts.  It has become a dream turned reality and a passion of mine; to bring the healing touch of purpose bred dogs to those in need." - Nathan Davila, Founder

As Healing Pause has grown in leaps and bounds, our mission has come into focus as we team up with other industry professionals in bringing our passion to the next level.  


Key People

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals are always on the ball, utilizing their unique skills and passion to move the work of our Nonprofit Organization forward.


Founder and Director

Nathan Davila

Nathan’s passion for all animals, great or small, began as a child.  He quickly realized through a childhood of working with animals the impact they could have on people's lives both emotionally and intellectually.

His other passions are social impact and philanthropy. One of his earliest memories are of being in El Salvador as a child after the 1986 earthquake that demolished, El Hogar Del Nino - the national orphanage. It was then that his parents used their business platform to organize “las 36 horas de amor“ a three-day event to fund-raise for the orphanage.

In 2016, the idea to bring the healing qualities of dogs to those in need was formed and Healing Pause began. His father was involved in the German Shepherd Dog world at the time, so it was feasible to donate a puppy to a therapy organization utilizing these resources. Nathan quickly discovered that reputable organizations have a different pathways to accepting dog donations, so after much research and conversations it was evident that it needed to be a whole turn key package to meet his goals as well as the prospective organizations.

Opportunities to make this mission a reality came and with each donation there is always an opportunity to learn and refine the model to what it is now. Taking a leap of faith he transitioned out of the military to follow his dream. 

Branches in New Orleans, LA and Bryan, TX - Serving Globally

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